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Nightlife in Pattaya


Since Pattaya’s “discovery” by U.S. soldiers in the early 1960s and its rapid transformation from an unknown sleepy fishing village to Asia’s hottest tourist destination, Pattaya has always been famous for its bustling nightlife.
Although the city has revamped its image significantly in recent years and is well on its way to establish itself also as a family-friendly destination, Pattaya’s notorious nightlife and red-light districts – with hundreds of bars and nightclubs – are certainly still Pattaya’s main attraction.

Party the Night Away in Pattaya:-At a rough estimate, there must be something like 2,000 nightspots  all over Pattaya, from so-called “beer bars” and hostess bars, live music venues and traditional pubs, to ultramodern discos and dance clubs with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems; from GoGo and coyote bars with “sexy shows” and Thai-style karaoke bars and pubs to world-renowned transvestite cabaret shows. So regardless of where you stay in Pattaya – if you’re looking for a nearby watering hole to have a drink or turn night into day, you’ll never have to search for very long.
Although beer bars and A-GoGo clubs are concentrated most densely in the South Pattaya area, bars can be found virtually anywhere around Pattaya, from Naklua in the North to Jomtien in the South and the “Dark Side” in East Pattaya.Popular areas include, for example, Soi 6,  Soi 7 and Soi 8 in Central Pattaya, Soi Buakhao, Soi LK Metro , Soi Diana and New Plaza (famous for its cheap watering holes).Walking Street, without any doubt, is the unrivaled “epicentre” of Pattaya’s bustling nightlife and the city’s most famous red-light district. It runs for about half a kilometre from the southern end of Pattaya Beach Road to the Bali Hai Pier and is closed for traffic between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m.
Granted, Walking Street isn’t necessarily where expats would go for a drink and and has in recent years deteriorated to some kind of overpriced night-time attraction exceedingly popular with Chinese tour groups. Yes, it’s commercial and “touristy”. Then again, Walking Street is Pattaya in a nutshell and a good place to start if you’re new in town and want to get a feel for what Pattaya is all about.
It’s here where you’ll find Pattaya’s hottest GoGo bars and nightclubs. best live music venues and dozens of discos. So if you feel like dancing the night away, you won’t have to don’t look much further. Like it or not – Walking Street should be right near the top of your must-see checklist for Pattaya.
Pattaya is a total party town and surprisingly I've met a lot of guys who have never been. But let's face it the place isn't for everyone but for those who love to party love the nightlife and clubs Pattaya has some really awesome places to go. Most nightclubs in Pattaya however cater to certain crowds you've got the Russian clubs the Farang clubs the Thai clubs and the monger clubs and a lot of mixes too. Unless it's a Thai club then most of the girls you come in contact with are working girls which is the major attraction to clubbing in Pattaya because you miss the bar fines but what you save there you'll probably spend three times as much on drinks.

Pattaya isn’t only famous for all its Go Go Bars, Beer Bars and Street Hookers all along Beach Road. There are also more foreigner-oriented nightclubs than in any other city in Thailand. Needless to say that the majority of them are clustered all along the heart of the Pattaya’s nightlife action:

Walking Street:-Since Pattaya is a major tourist hotspot the great thing about these clubs is they are always packed any night of the week both with foreigners and especially Thai girls looking to hook up with them. A fair share of them are obviously freelancers but you also have girls from the nearby Go Go Bars that go there when they close at around 2am. But you’ll also find “normal” Thai girls that go clubbing and aren’t out for money but just some fun.There are easily more than a dozen of night clubs on Walking Street so it’s not always easy to make up your choice especially if it’s your first time in Pattaya and you are unsure on where to find a larger or lower share of working girls, as well as which ones are among the cheaper or more upscale ones. There’s something for everyone and below is the list of the Top 5 Best Night Clubs on Walking Street as well as their exact location on the map at the end of the article.

Club Insomnia:-Without doubt the most popular nightclub in Pattaya, Insomnia is divided into two separate venues: Bar Insomnia (iBar) on the ground floor with three pool tables and a scenic seaside terrace and Club Insomnia (iClub) upstairs which gets busy at around midnight and they have sexy coyote dancers, seven of them dancing on stage at a time, the ones that are free you can buy them lady drinks (200 Baht) and / or bar fine them out (1,500 Baht). A cheaper option are the many freelance working girls, a lot of them have ordinary day jobs like hotel, shopping mall or even 7-Eleven and come here to look for some additional income. Bar Insomnia has a crazy drink special with beer for 39 Baht from 8pm-10pm. That’s like 3 Baht more than at 7-Eleven. There’s a sister branch called Club Insomnia Bangkok that is also very popular but the girls in Pattaya are much better – at least in my opinion.
Walking Street Club:-If you aren’t sure if you want to go dancing, have a drink among lots of single and not-working Thai girls or play pool – then Walking Street Club has to be your choice, it has it all. It’s owned by the same people that run the Gulliver’s Bangkok (Khaosan & Nana) and Pattaya Beach Road locations but this place is easily the most popular one (well, along with the Khaosan branch). Walking Street Club is very easy to find, coming from Beach Road it’s located just 20 meters down Walking Street on the left side. You basically can’t miss it as there are always a few tourists around having their pics taken at the entrance which has a big red car on top.


The Pier:-Located right in the center of Walking Street, The Pier doesn’t only have the most impressive laser shows of all night clubs on the strip, their coyote dancers are pretty damn hot as well. There are six stages on which they’re dancing wild and enthusiastically and the ones that aren’t on duty you can literally get in touch with them – provided you buy them drinks for 200 Baht (Bar Fine would be 4,000 Baht). The setting of The Pier is pretty similar to the Thai nightclubs means round tables with bar stools all around and this is why it’s one of the few nightclubs on Walking Street that you better come in a group of friends unless you are confident enough to make a move on someone’s table (which wouldn’t work in Thai clubs though) or just stick to the bar.

Marine Disco:-Marine Disco is the biggest night club on Walking Street. Well it’s almost too big and maybe that’s the reason why they put in 7 pool tables (30 Baht per game, at Insomnia and Walking Street Club it’s 20 Baht per game) that cover almost one third of the whole space. There is also a big stage for the live band however they aren’t playing every day, just like once or twice a week mainly on Friday and Saturday nights when Marine Disco gets packed with the typical foreigner-hooks-up-with-local-chick crowd as well as plenty of ladyboys.

Mixx Discotheque:-This club regularly gets voted the “best night club in Pattaya” and the main reason for this might be because of its super fancy and modern design. Mixx Discotheque is actually divided into two separate clubs located right next to each other: Rouge Club and Crystal Palace. It proudly calls itself the “first upmarket nightclub in Pattaya”. Mixx is probably the most popular nightclub among Russians but it does have its fare share of Thai girls partying here – of which the vast majority aren’t working girls. Drinks are pricier than in all other clubs listed here but there’s a buy-one-get-two promotion for all drinks until 1 am.

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