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Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark Pattaya

Cartoon Network Amazone is the world's first Cartoon Network-themed waterpark. Here you can splash out with all of your favorite Cartoon Network friends, including Ben 10 and his aliens, Adventure Time's Finn and Jake, The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo and many more.Explore 10 themed zones catered to suit the preferred experience of every guest. Blast down heart-pounding high-speed water rollercoasters, enjoy a relaxing meander down the Riptide Rapids river, or splash about at Cartoonival, the world's largest aqua playground boasting 150 different water features.
And there's always the Megawave pool if you feel like some beach-inspired action - even Ben 10's alien Humungousaur would be impressed by its size! Once you've finished splashing and sliding, be mesmerized by dynamic dancers and acrobats in high-octane shows as spectacular water and light projections illuminate the night sky.Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark is the world's first Cartoon Network themed waterpark located at 888 Moo 8, Na Jomtien, Sattahip, Chonburi, Thailand, 15 kilometers away from South Pattaya. 

The park has recreated an atmosphere of Amazon rainforest with several attractions and activities such as water slides, artificial sea, rafting, flowriding and live shows, all featuring Cartoon Network's famous characters including Ben 10 and his aliens, Adventure Time's Finn and Jake, The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo etc.Cartoon Network Amazone is located on Thailand's Eastern Seaboard in idyllic Bang Saray Bay, just a 20-minute drive from Pattaya City and 90 minutes from Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok) International Airport. It is approximately a two-hour drive from Bangkok. Buses, hire cars and taxis are all available to transport you to Cartoon Network Amazone.


Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark near Pattaya is larger and more spectacular than anything of its kind in Thailand, with 30 state-of-the-art water rides and slides and other attractions including Disneyworld-style mascots, entertainment shows, a food court with many regional food types and all-round aquatic fun for the whole family. The park is logiclly split into sections catering to smaller children and teens and fully-grown children with families of their own. Located on Sukhumvit Road about 20 minutes drive from Pattaya Beach, there are 10 entertainment zones, featuring characters such as Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, Gumball, Darwin and others from popular shows on Cartoon Network. There is enough to do to keep the whole family occupied for an entire day, including the Surfarena (a flowrider which recreates a perfect breaking wave for surfing) and Mega Wave (which simulates the more gentle waves of the nearby sea, only without the riptides, jellyfish and hidden rocks). The Cartoonival area will particularly appeal to younger family members and is wetter than Songkran, having over 150 slides, fountains, tubes and other water features. The Omniverse, meanwhile, will especially appeal to the adventurous with its fast water roller coasters featuring freefalls, loops and surprising g-forces. The Adventure Zone includes the remarkable Banana Spin ride, which starts with an enclosed high-speed tube before throwing you into what amounts to a giant plug hole! All rides are designed for safety and are under constant supervision. To really get your heart racing, there is a capsule ride with a false bottom which flips down at the push of a button dropping you at great speed, screaming with a mixture of excitment and fear.


You can break up your day at Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark by visiting Foodville, an open-air but under cover food court which has local and international dishes including Japanese, Korean, Indian, American and Italian cuisines. The food is a little over-priced but in line with other theme parks and water parks in Thailand. A nice touch to Cartoon Network Pattaya water park is the waterproof credit band which can be loaded up with cash at the start of the day and used to purchase drinks and snacks throughout the day. If you don’t fancy immediately getting back into the water after indulging in these culinary delights, there are plenty of sun loungers set around the pools and rides to relax in the sun on. The live shows, which begin in the evening to bring the day’s fun to a close, feature acrobatics, exciting stunts, digital light displays and cartoon characters in grand action sequences.

History:-Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark is operated by Amazon Falls Company Limited. The waterpark construction began in 2012 by the main road in Na Jomtien close to Bang Saray beach. The waterpark's opening date was originally scheduled in the Fourth quarter of 2013. But it was postponed due to the delayed construction. In August 2014, the park was opened in a limited access only for annual pass member and invited guests.On Friday, October 3, 2014, Cartoon Network Amazone had its first soft opening to the public.

Zones and Attractions:-Cartoon Network Amazone waterpark is divided into 6 zones. There are 3 zones with water slides including Omniverse Zone, Adventure Zone and Cartoonival Zone, added up to 18 different slides. The other 3 zones without water slides are Mega Wave, Riptide Rapids and Surf Arena.

Omniverse Zone:-The largest zone of the park ,including 6 thrilling water slides inspired by characters from Ben 10.
1.Humungaslide A dual-lane raft slide inspired by Ultimate Humungousaur. It sends 2 riders through twists and turns then drops them from 8 metersheigh at a speed of 51 km/h.
2.Intergalactic Racers A multi-lane slide inspired by Bloxx. 4 riders lie headfirst on mats racing each other from series of bumps, twists and serpentine tubes to the final open flume.
3.Goop Loop The ride starts in Goop's enclosed capsule where a trap door releases below the feet, dropping the player into a 12-meter free-fall then propelling him/her into a 360-degree loop.It was listed as the park's most exciting water slide of 2015.
4.XLR8-TOR Player plunge from a height of 18 meters resembling XLR8's lightning-quick. XLR8-TOR is named as one of the tallest and steepest rides in Asia.
5.Alien Attack 2 player rides raft through a 110-meter adventure. It is divided into 3 parts from 3 characters, from Cannonbolt's to NRG's to Swampfire's. Each of them consists of twists and turns connected by huge space shuttles[9]
6.The Omnitrix One of the most iconic attractions of the waterpark. The ride starts as 4 player riding a raft through a long twisted tube into a 23-meter tall sphere, featuring digital projection and surround sound. It is inspired by Ben 10's famous alien device.


Adventure Zone:-A zone houses 3 water slides, featuring characters from Adventure Time and Johnny Bravo.Jake Jump Jake's huge yellow slide. 2 players ride a dual raft down from a tall and steep flume, the speed will help them reaching Jake's face before bouncing back into a pool below.Banana Spin Jake Spidermonkey and Johnny Bravo's green gigantic bowl will swing a raft around before it drifts into a plunge pool.Rainfall Rainicorn A short ride, inspired by Adventure Time's Lady Rainicorn as a couple riding raft from steep flume into a splash pool landing.

Cartoonival:-A zone for children featuring characters from The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Chowder, The Amazing World of Gumball, Dexter's Laboratory etc. It includes 9 water slides and other 150 water features such as Disco Fountain Rain Fortress, two huge buckets of water from Four Arms and Omnitrix and many more.

Mega Wave:-A large wave pool where guests can enjoy riding on gentle waves or sunbathing on rows of deckchairs nearby. There are various shows and characters on a stage in front of a pool as well as delightful music played by DJs all day long and even a pretend shark fin.

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